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Few business owners have time to think about Records Information Management (RIM). The rise in privacy concerns and the resulting laws have made records storage a priority for every company. Businesses are always walking a fine line between retaining the wrong information and destroying required documents.

A record is information that is stored for a set period of time for regulatory, legal, or business purposes. Some records are easy to find, but those on employee computers or in desks are not. Secondary records are problematic during litigation. Online records, email, texts, and social media are also subject to record retention guidelines. It can be confusing knowing how long to keep records as regulatory agency records retention requirements may vary. Government regulators require that you be able to locate a requested record in a reasonable period of time. Expired confidential business information or any personal data must be disposed of properly. ISS can help you with your records management needs.

ISS offers full service information storage facility providing convenient and secure storage for your business records, both paper and electronic. For paper business records, box labels are sent to your business for labeling and boxes are either dropped off at the ISS Data Center or ISS will pick them up. Paper records are scanned as they enter the building and placed on racks in the storage vault. The location and box are then scanned a final time. Customers have 24/7 access to box contents via our management software. Documents are retrieved upon electronic request and boxes are returned upon request.

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We can store the boxes you have stored in the basement or closets of your business. We can convert paper to digital storage with immediate online access. If you have a fire or flood, you'd have peace of mind knowing your business documents are safely stored at an off-site location.



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