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ISS Disaster Recovery

One less thing to worry about...

A disaster recovery plan prepares your business to protect its data so you are ready in case of a catastrophic power failure or natural disaster. A virus or worm could also lead to the coruption or deletion of thousands of your files. Putting a plan into place will dramatically improve your chances of continuing operations in case of an emergency. Limited budgets sometimes leads to using insuffiient ways to keep data safe or stored at all. External hard drives, memory sticks, DVDs, and CDs are a few examples of temporary solutions that won't secure your data should a disaster occur.

ISS addresses the essential tasks to continue the business, who is assigned to those tasks, and when and where those tasks are performed under different disaster scenarios - including the loss of your computers, phone system, office space, or key staff. We will guide you through an analysis of your business operations, classify essential and important secondary processes and systems, and determine the time frame the business requires to restore each. We will help analyze the risks to your business operations and the costs to mitigate the highest impact risks. We provide templates to collect this information and will produce a disaster recovery plan tailored to your specific needs.

The key to preventing data loss is stopping it before it happens. Back-up your information and store it offsite indefinitely. When your data is at risk, the consequences can be severe. Avoid disasters before they happen.

Safe in the cloud...

Your data is secure when stored in the cloud. Data Syncing is continuous and backup duplication is easy. Keeping your data backed up offsite is economical too. Plan ahead and don't wait until things fail. Protect your critical information and have a recovery where your data resides. ISS provides the infrastructure to keep you safe in the cloud.

A place to go...

Backups of your systems and data are essential to recover from a disaster, but some disasters leave you with no equipment to restore backup data to. If your primary equipment is no longer functional, it can take days to obtain and provision new servers, firewall, network equipment, etc. Sometimes you need a place to recover the data - a fire or tornado may have made your primary site unusable for weeks or longer. ISS can provide disaster recovery site facilities to meet a wide range of requirements: All facilities include dedicated workspace for your recovery build team, internet connectivity from multiple providers, technical staff to assist with installation and provisioning your equipment, supplement logistic support (shipping/receiving, mail, messages), and a break room.

ISS Data

The ISS Data Center facilities will ease your mind and keep your data safe.


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