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K-12 Education Managed Services

Desktop Maintenance

Managing desktop assets can be time-consuming, with issues and fixes taking time from core tasks. If desktop hardware fails, it can cause untold damage. Our desktop hardware maintenance service offers multiple and variable options to meet those challenges. ISS monitors and maintains your systems remotely using state of the art secure access to ensure optimal performance and prevent downtime, and most importantly, secures your devices from external access and viruses.

Mobile Device Management

Organizations need to see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise, whether they are provided by the school district or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. ISS provides comprehensive management to deploy, secure, and support smartphones and tablets. As with desktop maintenance, your devices are secure from external access and viruses.

Network Security and Management

Our network management services continually monitor your network traffic in realtime. By proactively monitoring your systems, we can identify trends and recognize bottlenecks and failures across your infrastructure. We respond immediately and accurately to minimize IT disruptions that cost you time and money.

License Compliance

Ensuring compliance with IT licensing terms is an ongoing IT process that needs to be aligned with your overall governance and IT strategy. ISS helps your take control over your software license management, making sure you're compliant.

Education Application Support

LOB (line-of-business) applications are vital to your operations. ISS supports and maintains a variety of education software applications.

ISS managed services

ISS assists in increasing productivity as well as effectively enhance business goals and management of assets. Collectively, we have over 100 years of remote hosting and cloud services experience.

We make technology work for you, not you working for your technology. We help improve your technology bottom line. Expect results and experience success.


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