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K-12 Education Monitoring Services

ISS uses secure, auditable, and highly functional remote management tools to access, monitor, and proactively
prevent adverse events with desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, storage, and other devices on your
network. Our service features 24/7 monitoring of your servers and applications along with escalation procedures
to notify the appropriate individuals in your organization.

System Health

Storage (disk) capacity, memory utilization, link, network &CPU utilization, net flow analysis & trend reporting,
realtime alerts, system processes, service/application availability, file system integrity, error log monitoring,
and application log monitoring.

Performance Data Collected on Systems and Communication Devices

Routers, switches & firewalls, Windows, Unix, Aix, mainframe, workstations, UPS, standard API for apps,
network data flow.

Performance Monitoring for Websites, FTP, Mail Services

Site monitoring features 24/7 monitoring of your critical network applications, website responsiveness,
mail services, and the visibility of your servers on the Internet to ensure your websites, ftp sites, email, and
other network resources remain online and responsive to your needs. You can also receive custom alerts
via email or a text message.

Protocols and services that can be remotely monitored are, but not limited to: HTTP/HTTPS (availability, page content,
response time), DNS (domain name lookup response), DNS (domain name lookup response), and Email (SMTP/POP3/IMAP).


We find potential failures before they occur. No school district should be without ISS proactive monitoring. We provide solutions to prevent interuptions.

ISS Monitoring

Your success depends on reliable technology. 

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